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I got acquainted with computer science in the early 1980's at the very exciting period of micro-computers. I learnt some of the most important things about programming with a simple TI 57 programmable calculator; then, I became proficient with programming with an Oric 1 micro-computer. Then I was trained as a computer scientist in the 1980's. Since then, I learnt by myself a whole lot of maths, and statistics.

I've been fascinated by artificial intelligence since my earliest contacts with programmable devices. Around 1981, I tried to program my TI 58 to solve the Rubik's cube, and to play Yams. Then, I discovered AI languages such as Lisp, Prolog, and Smalltalk. I implemented a subset of a Le_Lisp interpretor on my Oric-1, hand-coded in 6502 code machine (those readers who are less than 30y old can probably not even understand what I mean!). As an undergrad, I tried (and failed!) to implement a Prolog engine. My first AI related personnal work during my studies has been related to Smalltalk. Then, I did my PhD which was not AI related. Afterwards, I got interested in neural networks, and genetic algorithms. Then, I eventually touched upon machine learning around the end of the 1990's, in particular reinforcement learning, a topic that has remained my research field since then.


Developing software is really a recreation for me. I am so deeply involved in management activities, and teaching activities, that coding are extra great moments for me. Unfortunately, I do not have much time for it and I do not want to release code that has not been debugged enough. So, I only advertize here two codes I have written:

I have repeatedly coded in C ML software that had been prototyped in Matlab by collaborators. Each time, I have had the great pleasure of hearing: "Hey Philippe, your code is so much faster than mine in Matlab!".
To me, this sentence says it all. Indeed, on codes I have written, a speed-up of 1000x is not uncommon when moving from Matlab to C, plus the possibility of handling very large datasets, and streams of data.
(and I don't even mutli-thread the code, nor use GPU.)

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